Territoire de sciences oversees the management of two science centers:

La Casemate

a historic venue in Grenoble,

focuses on sharing knowledge and exploring questions related to science, technology, innovation, and society. It provides facilities including a Fab Lab, a Media Lab, space rentals, and professional training.


a newly established science center in Pont-de-Claix


explores subjects concerning the world that surrounds us, from the tiniest building blocks of the universe to the marvels of space including our home planet the Earth. It features a planetarium, an immersive room, workshops, exhibitions, and opportunities for space privatization.

As a third pillar of its activities, Territoire de sciences works towards the development of science communication in the Grenoble-Alpes area and the engagement of science communication stakeholders. Territoire de Sciences coordinates the local component of the national science festival, “La Fête de la Science”. It also manages the online social network for science communication, Echosciences Grenoble, and oversees the activities of the mobile Fab Lab, “La Casemate Nomade”.

Territoire de sciences is led by a dynamic team comprising approximately thirty individuals from diverse backgrounds, including culture, science, journalism, communication, education, project engineering, and more.